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Info on sharks with video or pictures


Madagascar Whale Sharks

In collaboration with Mada Megafauna, the Marine Megafauna Foundation, the National Center for Oceanographic Research in Madagascar and Les Baleines Rand’eau, Dr. Jeremy Kiszka is studying the population status and residency of whale sharks off Nosy Be, Madagascar. Photographic identification of individuals coupled with satellite tagging will help researchers determine where these sharks are moving and whether or not there is a decline in sightings. The Madagascar Whale Sharks team plans to communicate these results with the local government to establish management regimes. Learn more about their work by visiting their website.


Juvenile Bull Shark

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) use the bays and upstream areas of the southwest Everglades National Park Shark River basin as a nursery. These habitats support many juvenile sharks where they are an important top predator. We’ve studied juvenile coastal Everglades bull sharks for over a decade. The goal is to anticipate how they will respond to changes in water flow from an ongoing large scale restoration project that re-directs fresh water back into the Everglades. Using acoustic tracking, population size monitoring, and stable isotopes, we’re studying the movements, behavior, and trophic roles of juvenile bull sharks and how these roles may change with restoration.



Ray species